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These pages represent the integrated labor of many people over the past 80 plus years. Where appropriate, authors are specifically cited; in other cases the collective labors of many are displayed. Full references for any diagram can be requested. The web site is designed and managed by April Johnson. Gabe Johnson assisted with programming of the web site. Drafting support has been provided by Teresa Hill. Collaboration between the Geological Survey of Pakistan, Peshawar University and teams from Dartmouth College, Yale University, Oregon State University, and Columbia University allowed the geological mapping to be accomplished.

This site is modeled on a site we are working on with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for Colorado at www.coloradostratigraphy.org. Similar features and approaches will be observed. Your suggestions are welcome.

Strat Chart

(Under Construction) This is a generalized portrayal of the rock patterns and nomenclature used in northern Pakistan and India.

Regional Cross Sections

(Under construction) A set of schematic regional cross sections.

Geologic Maps Showing Magnetic Stratigraphy

These maps are taken directly (or slightly modified) from the literature (as cited) and represent the magnetic polarity stratigraphy as interpreted by the authors over time. Each image can be downloaded and the original sources are in the pdf files (see References).


This is a compilation of pdf files of published papers on the Siwaliks of northern Pakistan and India, with a concentration on the Potwar Plateau. Each reference is downloadable.

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